Updating ESXi 5.0 via Command Line Tools

With vSphere 5, vihostupdate and esxupdate are not applicable for ESXi 5. We instead need to use the esxcli command to apply the updates to our ESXi 5 hosts.

  • Make sure you have ESXi Shell access on the ESXi 5 host
  • Download the patch bundle directly from the VMware Support Website (http://www.vmware.com/patchmgr/download.portal). This download will be a .zip file. Do not extract it!
  • Upload the .zip file to a datastore that is accessible on the ESXi host you wish to update. The syntax below will use /vmfs/volumes/pool01, and you may need to adjust this as necessary. Note that the .zip file is uploaded to the ESXi host via the vSphere Client.
  • Set the host to maintenance mode via the vSphere Client
  • To verify which VIBs are already installed on the ESXi 5 host, issue the following command.
    esxcli software vib list | more
  • To find out which VIBs are available in the depot (the downloaded .zip file), issue the following command.
    esxcli software sources vib list --depot=/vmfs/volumes/pool01/updates/ESXi500-201109001.zip | more
  • To update the ESXi 5 host with the VIBs included in the depot, issue the following command.
    esxcli software vib update --depot=/vmfs/volumes/pool01/updates/ESXi500-201109001.zip
  • When the update is complete, verify the information presented. If prompted, reboot the ESXi 5 host (via vSphere Client)
  • If applicable, take the ESXi 5 host out of maintenance mode using the vSphere Client

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